Hello there, sadly no I am not yet returning to this blog.

I am alive and well(ish) and have taken my analogue, minimalist, less-money, green and alternative lifestyle down a slightly different path for the time being.

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Should the government encourage the development of tiny-homes and apartments? Yes!
It makes perfect sense.

Seems that developers in London agree with me. I’ve just read an article on the BBC.

The rent sounds ridiculous, but apparently that’s cheap for London.

Either way, looks like a lovely place to live. Perfectly compact.

Well, here’s a snippet of that article from the BBC – Are rented micro-homes the future for young singles?:

Are you young-ish, single and thoroughly fed up with paying a high level of rent for a room in a house, miles away from where you work?

Perhaps you would prefer instead to spend up to £1,100 a month to rent a very small studio flat in a city centre?

By very small, we mean either 19 sq m of floor space, or maybe a bit more at 24 sq m.

And how small is that then? Less than the average budget hotel room.

However, that is the offer being planned by a property development company called U+I.

It thinks there is a clear demand for small rented homes like this in city centres, especially London.


The L-shaped room

Despite the small size, quite a lot has been skilfully crammed into two show flats currently being shown off by the firm.

The flats combine the bedroom, living room and kitchen area into one space, with a shower room and toilet en-suite, and enough cupboard room to hold a washing machine as well as shoes and clothes.

So what is the problem?

Currently planning guidelines, such as those from the Mayor of London, suggest that flats should provide much more space, 37 sq m in fact.


Back to regular…

Time to get back into the habit of regular writing and finally get round to posting about two big topics that I’ve been putting off for weeks now are:

1. How was my Big Green Summer?

2. What is all this prepper nonsense?

My Big Green Summer

This was a huge success and I am very confident that I can live without a lot of the normal modern comforts. However, whether I can do that while living in more rustic shelter is another question.

Limiting myself to a small space was fine, but I did get rather emotional about it. I think it was partly to do with my partner being away for so long. In the end, I was happy to be able to occupy myself by wondering from room to room and having all that cleaning to do.

If I’d not been alone, well that’s yet another unanswered question. Maybe we would have driven each other mad, or maybe achieved some form of peace.

My water collection outings were very unsuccessful, I soon came to the realisation that I didn’t want to wake up so early during my holiday and resorted to using water at home.

The solar shower worked like a charm, but getting the blasted thing high enough was a nightmare. I think it is designed for hanging in very tall trees, and not inside apartment bathrooms, even ones with high ceilings.

We’ve definitely decided that van life is a possibility for us, but we seriously hope to downsize our living space to something much more sustainable.

Seventy meters-square is far, far, far too much for two adults and a cat. Our last place was 60, and even that was too big.

We’re still happy to be on this path, but there’s a long way to go.

Becoming a Prepper

I found an interesting book online, its free to download as a pdf. It may not be the best but so far I have enjoyed reading it, and for someone totally new to the world of preppers, it is a nice start.

[I’ve been searching everywhere for the link. I’ll share it when I find it!]

It actually suggests building up your supplies over a 12 month period, so no massive supermarket bills or sudden overwhelming amount of stuff to sort or things to learn.
A slow and steady approach.

Here’s hoping Armageddon or nuclear war can wait another 11 months!

The idea is to have a stockpile of food and water for three months, which we will keep in the office/spare room. It’s not been that long since we actually managed to sort out that room, but ah-well.

I’ve posted the ‘after’ pictures before, but forgot the before ones.

We’ve chosen that room because it has the most stable temperature year-round, the kitchen getting stupidly hot in summer. I will try my best to stick to our food goals:

  • be organic
  • be vegetarian
  • be fair-trade
  • be as locally produced as we can find
  • have minimal packaging, especially plastics

Well, that last point is gonna get very tricky. I’ll still make preserves and things at home to avoid plastics and metals, but some of our long term stored foods are gonna have to be in some form of container, in fact it might break most if not all of the rules.

I can justify this to myself, given that this isn’t going to be our daily or weekly food source. Of course when things are due to expire we’ll need to use them up. Our normal food will still be green, clean and healthy.

My goal is for bug-in food, water, medical and necessities supplies for three months, plus bug-out bags to be able to get out into the woods or somewhere safe, with similar supplies for three days.

The next step will be to learn to supplement the bug-out kit with skills and knowledge to substitute our supplies and stay safe outdoors.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll have to share updates as I go.


What else is going on?

The summer was awful, so unusually hot, dry and windy. Our poor crops have suffered. We’ve had some figs, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, lettuce and spinach. We’re losing hope for the tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions. The beetroot and other leafy things should be picked very soon. The pumpkin-vine is growing and growing, but I’ve no idea how if it will produce anything.

I’ve set myself, or more correctly reinforced, the goal of losing 2 kilos a week, a lot faster than suggested. But I am confident that I will lose that much simply by eating better, i.e. less sugar, salt & fat, and by being more active. Something we’d managed to do before, but my baking and preserving and learning to cook veggie-food has allowed these to creep back in.

Once I’ve lost about 15kilos I hope it’ll slow down to a healthier 0.5-1kg per week. I’m simply not losing any! I am starting to blame my genetics, I simply need to exercise more.

The mind and body are willing, my work schedule and other things are not. I forget now what the original plan of my hours being cut back was, but that doesn’t matter.

Starting this week I will drop down to a minimum number of hours my company will allow. Whoop-whoop!!

More time for being self-sufficient, getting prepped and blogging! :)

Phew, this one post has taken me a month or more to finish…..


I promise that I am working on writing a long ol’ post about my summer and future plans. Thing is, I am working extra hours this week all while coming down with a stinker of a summer cold.

That hasn’t stopped me trying to learn new veggie recipes. This week I cooked my first every aubergine parmigiana, the suggested serving was focaccia. So I decided to learn to bake some of that too.

Very pleased with the results, the herbs came straight from my own home grown supplies.

Well, there you have it. Maybe being a prepper isn’t that mad or crazy.

The attacks in Barcelona are shocking, and suspects have been stopped and arrested right here in the little town I live in.

My thoughts and sympathies with those affected. x

Killing a Killer Volcano

I am still about, busy with visitors and getting ready for my better-half’s return. Just read this article and wanted to share it with you all;

Instead Nasa have conceived a very different plan. They believe the most viable solution could be to drill up to 10km down into the supervolcano, and pump down water at high pressure. The circulating water would return at a temperature of around 350C (662F), thus slowly day by day extracting heat from the volcano.

 from BBC Future’s article Nasa’s ambitious plan to save Earth from a supervolcano.

Yes, I am getting myself sucked into the whole super-volcano panic! I am making a plan and forming ideas for a survival pack, not just for volcanic eruptions, but also for any emergency situation.

My hubby arrives home tomorrow, but I promise to drag my arse into the office and write a long overdue post for you all about my conversion into prepperhood. ;)

Early Update

Hey there, so I am back for an earlier than planned update. I have an interview this morning and felt that a quick check in would be more than acceptable. :-)

I finished minimising our ex-junk room – now spare room. I am hoping that my partner will sort out his art supplies and minimise his two storage boxes to one. Then a quick cover with a sheet, et voila! A beside table. ;)

Phase 2 of minimising will have to wait, we are both so happy with the results.

I felt desperately lonely for the first few days and highly tempted to watch something, simply to have voices filling the house. Sure I still miss my hubby, but I am not so lonely now and am following my own rules more strictly.

My dearest friend gave me my birthday present early, a camping shower. That thing gets to the perfect temperature after about three and a half hours, when half full.

The problem is getting it high enough in the bathroom for the water to flow at a decent speed. I will try cutting the tube short and am thinking about some kind of ceiling hook.

My lovely husband set me an extra challenge before he set off. To live in as small a space as possible. I have taken this up and formed a shoddy looking barrier in the bedroom.

I have taken out a very limited number of clothes to use, I’ll have to wash more often. I will retrieve more supplies from the kitchen as and when needed. If this were to be a permanent arrangement, I think I’d need better seating for work and some kind of cabinets or drawers for the “kitchen”.

I don’t know if I’ll do this for the entire month, but I am doing fine. Admittedly I am using the entire terrace and aside from the bathroom and storing foods I don’t need in the kitchen, well… the rest of the house remains unused.

We went from 60 square meters to a little more when we moved last year, which is far too much for us. All we had wanted was a spare room that didn’t look like a hallway and need specially designed ‘thin’ furniture and the outside space too.

Anyway, I am getting off topic. Things are going well, I am happy to continue for the remaining three weeks.

I have decided to have a small tweak in the blog name, something a little easier to say & type and something more appropriate to living in Europe – although less British.

Not Two Pennies will now be Now Two Cents. Alright best go prepare for my interview, see you in early August.

Big Green Summer Rules

I realised in my last-last post that I had forgotten to explain the rules I will follow for the next few weeks of my Big Green Summer.


  • Electricity:

None, absolutely zero consumption for the first two weeks.

In the second two, only power for the modem and when laptop needs charging.

No lights, substitute with use of candles and/or wind-up torches.

No fans, fingers crossed for some cooler breezes.

No fridge-freezer or elevator, which we’ve already been used to for sometime.

  • Gas:

None, absolutely none for the entire four weeks.

  • Water:

As little to be used at home as possible for four weeks*.

Must find some container to help transport water (for plants, dishes and showers) back from the public potable fountain.

Need to fashion (worst case buy) a solar/camping shower, and then finish making something to catch grey-water to use for flushing the toilet.

No washing machine, anything that needs doing to be done by hand.

*This is possible due to signing up for a monthly delivery service for our drinking water, we miscalculated at first and thought we were going to save money (and not to mention tons of plastic). Well, we are spending about the same and feel much greener in doing so. Plus, this has already arrived for July. ;)

  • Food & Cooking:

Buy as little as possible, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market.

Am stocked up on dry foods, preserves, pickles, jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys with as many as possible being home-made.

All cooking to be done with wood fuelled oven, but as much raw food to be eaten as possible.

Supplement as much fresh food as possible from garden and from foraging.

  • Entertainment:

Books, tabletop games, hikes & walks, colouring, own imagination.

Strictly no films, TV, radio or other digital media.

  • Transport:

We always walk everywhere.

  • Exceptions:

Use mobile phone for contact with my partner on his adventures in the Philippines. If necessary, to be charged by solar power or BioLite oven & kettle.

Use of modem and laptop for work in second two weeks. Maybe one quick update here.

Pre-charged camera for odd photos.


Possibly, cat food.


That’s about it. I had thought about removing batteries from two clocks we have (the third is a wind-up), but am now wondering if this is a bit of overkill.

Wish me luck and see you all on the other side, here’s hoping I can keep my sanity.