Old Habits

Well, yes they aren’t easy to kill, are they?

I saw someone convert a kerosene lamp into an olive oil lamp for a smokeless, safer and cheaper light (and heat) alternative. Candles aren’t that cheap these days!

So I paid between 30 and 40 euros for two lamps and two mason jars. Far, far too much!!

The glass bottom of the lamps are rather nice so I will need to find an alternative use for them. The reason they need changing is that olive or vegetable oil are much heavier than usual lamp oils and cannot travel up the wick so easily.

I do not really know how long it will take me to make any savings on my lighting/electric bill, but this is also a psychological game. After this initial cost my lighting will be free. Knowing that I am not paying a cent to light my home is very liberating.

Yes, I do mean free. We have litres and litres of olive oil that we will not use before its best before date (will have to write another post on that) which would otherwise have gone to waste. We do try to avoid cooking with too much oil, even the healthier kinds.

A good friend of ours owns some olive trees and gifts us more oil every six months or so, more than we ever use. We have insisted that she gives less, but they have more than they need too. So we have an almost unlimited supply for free. :)

Well, this is just a quick post. I’ll update you when I have converted the lamps.


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