Hoarding Inc.

Wow! We have a lot of stuff.

We moved house recently, before I finally snapped and decided not to spend a penny more. We were already thinking about spending less and being more self-sufficient and were looking for somewhere with a garden or terrace to help with that.

We found somewhere that was a bargain but cost more than our previous rent. I am still hopeful that the extra €150 a month will balance out in savings from heating alone. Double glazing and 21st century insulation is such a luxury. Plus having the extra outdoor space is something we were so desperate for.

We can use the space to grow food, perhaps keep chickens and maybe one day have a bee hive for honey etc.

We paid a local shop, who made our furniture, to help us move the new and our old furniture plus a few boxes of essentials. We have since spent the last three weeks packing and moving everything else. Minus one big bag of clothes we gave to a local family.

We have not actually unpacked a single box after the first two days, and have not needed or wanted anything. This has been a big shock to us both, how much stuff we have accumulated over the 7 years we traveled & worked abroad and even more so the three years we lived here. I still have a box of stuff from my earlier travels in my parent’s loft.

It is funny to think how we ended up like this, my partner didn’t have much as a child and I had enough. However my mum and dad were strict on not having too much, we very much had a “one in, two out” rule. Except more sentimental things.

When I graduated university and left the UK, I sold off my piles of CDs, DVDs and the odd VHS and cassette tape. Plus mountains of clothes,papers and books that got sold, donated or handed down shortly after I left. That left me with two big boxes in the UK and the clothes I lugged around with me in my bags.

Back to the here and now, we have discussed this at depth and have agreed to sell, recycle or donate what we can. When the time comes (I hope not too soon) to move again, it shouldn’t take this much effort. Still I am proud of us for moving the countless heavy boxes ourselves by foot and by trolley, and in the sweltering 30 degree heat.

I have gained respect for people who have no choice but to work in physical jobs in hot places with little chance for a break or rest. Sure, it is likely more difficult for them and our sore muscles were very much a choice… but I have learnt something about myself and what I want from life and this cheaper existence.


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