To grow, or no?

It’s funny how people can come to very different conclusions about the same ideas.

I was watching a show on telly this past Sunday, Extreme Cheap Skates. A somewhat offensive title, if you ask me. Anyway, in the show this guy shaves his head to avoid paying for shampoo and conditioner, like totally skin bald.

I had come to the exact opposite conclusion, tired of shaving my hair short (something I started while living and working in the tropics) and paying for haircuts, then razors and now for the need to charge my clippers. I am pretty sure I can get away with buying some cheap shampoo or shower gel and kill two birds with one penny. I’ve also given up shaving my face for the same reasons.

The interesting thing with trying to live on a very limited budget is perceived value.

In Mark B’s book, The Moneyless Man, he talks about pens and how at 25p even someone considered living a life of poverty could probably stretch to that expense. Whereas having committed himself to spending exactly zero for a year, well that’s about 0.25GBP too much.

He then goes on to explain that what costs the average person a couple of minutes equivalent of their salary, he would need to dedicate an entire day to fabricating and harvesting his own.

So, for me not to have to spend so much time and use electricity is of greater value and importance than paying a few euros a month for a bottle of shower gel. I shall go on with my hobo look and grow my hair and beard as a symbol and reminder of what I am doing. No more spending!


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