The Choice

I’ve had a somewhat naughty week, I found myself in such a funk that I splurged on electricity and threw the weekly budget out the window.

Then I caught myself shopping, mindlessly browsing social networks and soon realised that this was worse. Such a waste of time and energy (I mean my own spiritually and physically) that I once more decided that I had made the right decision when starting this journey and making the choice to cut back/down/off some of the “luxuries” of the 21st century that none of us really needs and which only serve to keep us in a numb and mindless zombified & brainwashed state.

We are mere cogs, automatons in a system designed like a machine to consume and move on and on without care or concern for the individual parts or the world outside the machine.

No, no more for me. I am in no place to drop out of the system but I can at least refuse to accept many of the things that I do not like. I can regain my humanness and remember that I am a living, sentient being on this precious little planet.

This realisation and re-humanising of myself has spurred me on to go further and to do it mostly as the selfish act of saving money that I originally declared, but also for my soul it will be a way to accept that at least I am no longer contributing to the destruction of the Earth.

It may be too little and too late, but at least I can sleep easy at night knowing that it isn’t entirely my fault and that I have done my best to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to make this very same choice for themselves.


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