Windy Day

We’re having an awfully gusty afternoon, which is undoing all of yesterday’s work. Newly potted plants on plant stand; blown over with broken pots, scattered soil and bent stand.

Mother Nature obviously disapproved!

I’m off to the shop for one more bag of soil tomorrow, winds allowing, that should be the last we need. Now to get sowing!

Spring has arrived somewhat early on our terrace with flowers bloomin’ and our cabbage and lettuces happily growing. The chives and parsley have sprung back to life too. The raspberry, blueberry, roses and many of our bulbs are budding and leafing like mad. Our lavender has even recovered and put out flowers.

We’ve more decorative plants and flowers than much else right now, but I’m set to get things back in favour of edible crops. That’s if the weather doesn’t decide to blow or wash away anything else.

I always used to love autumn, but this time of year is much more magical and beautiful. Both in the garden and out in nature.

I’ll have to leave it there for now, need to batten down more pots. I will post a few photos of the garden/terrace sometime later today or tomorrow.


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