Back home…

…back to normality?

So, I arrived back ‘home’ in Spain late Wednesday afternoon and haven’t had much chance to sit down until today (Saturday).

I did however find time to bake a whole grain loaf, and am rather pleased with the result. I’m not able to start off my sourdough yet, so have used yeast. Now, I’m not saying it’s a perfect brown loaf, but for a first attempt it is the most delicious bread ever! ;)

One of the first things I did, after unpacking was get out and tend to the plants. My partner’s done reasonably well keeping them going. I however had to get out and satisfy my own budding green thumbs/fingers.

The weather is gorgeous right now, and I’ve even been tempted to sit out in it. Something rare for me, but being amongst my own nurtured greenery and the buzzing bees was heavenly.

We’ve had some peas already, plus the blueberries and raspberries and more are slowly growing.

I have moved into the kitchen a little more than before, wanting to get used to spending time baking, preserving and cooking. Making it the heart of the home.

We’ve agreed to spend some of next weekend’s three days adding more pots and soil to the terrace and I’ve eagerly planned out what new seeds I can get sowed this month.

Otherwise life will go on as before, I’m glad to get back to our way of living but already miss my family terribly.


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