So, as I said yesterday, I started to go through my things (very thoroughly) and checking what I could and couldn’t live without.

I even started to pack a bag, a mix of an absolutely minimalist existence and a survival kit. I can’t help but giggle at preppers, but that’s what I found myself doing. One pair of jeans, shorts, shoes, sandals, some undies & socks, basic toiletries, simple medicine & first aid kit, torch, sunblock, whistle, compass. I had to stop myself.

So, I did. Put everything back and started again, asking myself what couldn’t I replace or what would be a nightmare replacing? Or what sentimental items do I really, really want to keep?

Turns out all I have are my passport, driving licence, local ID card, birth certificate, original marriage certificate, less than 10 original/old fashioned print photos*, my wedding ring and a gold necklace my grandparent’s had engraved and gifted to me the day of my birth.

*Admittedly this would be 10 times more if I took originals of my childhood from my parent’s home, but I would be happy enough with digital scans of them. And true also, if I wasn’t able to fit my digital photos onto a free cloud storage system than the physical copies would be 100 times more or I would need to add some form of external storage.

I was surprised, with the additions of the very few of the photos my husband has that survived childhood floods and his legal documents, well it really isn’t much.

I do not dare ask him about non-sentimental items, we’d need a truck! But when he has time I will ask him to find out those things most precious to him and add them.

I realise this isn’t a realistic or a practical approach to minimalism. Yet the feeling of liberation in knowing that I could pick up that little bag and walk away without a care is fantastic.

Well, it truthfully is a little more complicated than that. The cat wouldn’t happily fit in the bag nor willingly stay there for any duration of time. Kids and pets do add a few more necessaries to a potentially empty life.

And, well, we aren’t going to live a minimal life just yet. No more new (or old) things are allowed in. Sure. But the slow emptying will not begin just yet either. When it does we will need to think carefully on clothing, kitchen and garden gear, books, ornaments, toiletries, furniture and so forth. That can wait, for now I will take joy in my temporarily cluttered home.


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