More Minimal

…onwards goes the march towards a more minimal life.

I’ve fought my way through that paper work and have also tackled the living room.

Perhaps I’ve ran out of steam, or possibly I let my fella win, or maybe I just decided that I wanted to keep a few things that make us happy (for a little longer).

I could hang the telly on the wall and be rid of one more piece of furniture, I could get strict on my hubby and remove yet another, and we could part with our beloved books to lose yet a third. That’s one each of a cupboard, bookcase and TV stand.

We have decided, somewhat symbolically, to sell a shelving unit. The other three can stay for now, while we slowly adjust to this new way of living.

I guess the same is true of our shoe drawer, one day we may try to limit the number of clothes and shoes we have. When that day comes it’ll also go.

What I have also realised/decided is that I do not necessarily like empty surfaces. I have been strict and followed the rule of ‘1 or 3′, when filling in the gaps. Wait, let me go back a step.

This is probably not the most practical, time or energy efficient method of de-cluttering, but it worked for me. I first emptied every room of anything that was not essential or functional. Once this was done, I would rearrange furniture and try to find the most functional or aesthetic layout. Then I would bring back some larger ornaments and non-essentials to inject some of our taste and personality.

And, well, I’ll happily let these purely decorative items go when the furnitures’ days are numbered.

We’re both very happy with the results, and my partner is keen for me to get the office and kitchen done. Bloomin’ cheek! haha

I’ve promised to tackle these in August. Meanwhile, he has to sort through some of his clothes, odds & ends and documents.

The finished rooms feel lighter, brighter, airier and more tranquil than ever before.

Other minimalists may find our furniture too dark and heavy and the fact that we have decided to bring out our tabletop games putting them on show, to encourage us to play them more, along with our many books a hellish site. We, however, find it a nice contrast of colour, clutter and snuggliness in an otherwise neutral and empty space.

What makes me feel most at ease is the idea of how little there is/will be to downsize and be rid of when the time comes, or even to pack up to move. It’ll be a breeze compared to the last time.

I’ll have to update you all again on the office and kitchen later in the summer and will write more about my experiences as a new vegan soon. Cheers!


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