Early Update

Hey there, so I am back for an earlier than planned update. I have an interview this morning and felt that a quick check in would be more than acceptable. :-)

I finished minimising our ex-junk room – now spare room. I am hoping that my partner will sort out his art supplies and minimise his two storage boxes to one. Then a quick cover with a sheet, et voila! A beside table. ;)

Phase 2 of minimising will have to wait, we are both so happy with the results.

I felt desperately lonely for the first few days and highly tempted to watch something, simply to have voices filling the house. Sure I still miss my hubby, but I am not so lonely now and am following my own rules more strictly.

My dearest friend gave me my birthday present early, a camping shower. That thing gets to the perfect temperature after about three and a half hours, when half full.

The problem is getting it high enough in the bathroom for the water to flow at a decent speed. I will try cutting the tube short and am thinking about some kind of ceiling hook.

My lovely husband set me an extra challenge before he set off. To live in as small a space as possible. I have taken this up and formed a shoddy looking barrier in the bedroom.

I have taken out a very limited number of clothes to use, I’ll have to wash more often. I will retrieve more supplies from the kitchen as and when needed. If this were to be a permanent arrangement, I think I’d need better seating for work and some kind of cabinets or drawers for the “kitchen”.

I don’t know if I’ll do this for the entire month, but I am doing fine. Admittedly I am using the entire terrace and aside from the bathroom and storing foods I don’t need in the kitchen, well… the rest of the house remains unused.

We went from 60 square meters to a little more when we moved last year, which is far too much for us. All we had wanted was a spare room that didn’t look like a hallway and need specially designed ‘thin’ furniture and the outside space too.

Anyway, I am getting off topic. Things are going well, I am happy to continue for the remaining three weeks.

I have decided to have a small tweak in the blog name, something a little easier to say & type and something more appropriate to living in Europe – although less British.

Not Two Pennies will now be Now Two Cents. Alright best go prepare for my interview, see you in early August.