Should the government encourage the development of tiny-homes and apartments? Yes!
It makes perfect sense.

Seems that developers in London agree with me. I’ve just read an article on the BBC.

The rent sounds ridiculous, but apparently that’s cheap for London.

Either way, looks like a lovely place to live. Perfectly compact.

Well, here’s a snippet of that article from the BBC – Are rented micro-homes the future for young singles?:

Are you young-ish, single and thoroughly fed up with paying a high level of rent for a room in a house, miles away from where you work?

Perhaps you would prefer instead to spend up to £1,100 a month to rent a very small studio flat in a city centre?

By very small, we mean either 19 sq m of floor space, or maybe a bit more at 24 sq m.

And how small is that then? Less than the average budget hotel room.

However, that is the offer being planned by a property development company called U+I.

It thinks there is a clear demand for small rented homes like this in city centres, especially London.


The L-shaped room

Despite the small size, quite a lot has been skilfully crammed into two show flats currently being shown off by the firm.

The flats combine the bedroom, living room and kitchen area into one space, with a shower room and toilet en-suite, and enough cupboard room to hold a washing machine as well as shoes and clothes.

So what is the problem?

Currently planning guidelines, such as those from the Mayor of London, suggest that flats should provide much more space, 37 sq m in fact.



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