I convinced myself that I didn’t need an ‘about me’ page, but now I am slowly realising that the more I post the more difficult it is for people to get the gist of what Not Two Pennies is about. My site tag-line is already overly long too, and in need of updating once more. So, well, here goes…

My husband, cat and I live in a small town about 100kms outside of Barcelona, we are renting a first floor apartment that has a terrace larger than the floor plan inside. We do not have the finances to buy or rent some land, and so for now are trying to live much like Tom and Barbara Good. Brining the rural and rustic into a suburban setting.

Not Two Pennies is where I share the ups & downs of my attempts to kick consumerism, spend less. To do so we will become more self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and look for free alternatives for food and power, and only buy second-hand and make upcycled things as much as we can.

For now, our life and apartment will remain cluttered with the tools for gardening & baking/cooking and the “waste” that will provide the resources of future upcycling projects. However, we have set ourselves the goal of being as minimalist as possible.

We’ve already packed a bag containing our irreplaceable or difficult to replace documents and ID cards plus a few small personal and sentimental items – and some photos too. Surprisingly less than we’d thought we’d pack.

Meanwhile we will continue to learn to grow some of our own vegetables and fruits, cut down on our gadgets and consumption of gas, water and electricity, try to learn to cook and switch form a typically-bad modern western diet to a mostly plant-based one. Both to save the environment and our health.

I hope you’ll join us on our journey into a new lifestyle.